Monday, April 6, 2009

a letter to future me

first off, have multiple dogs currently sitting/lying at your lap/feet as you read this. if not, stop depriving yourself of this unbridled happiness and go out and get something furry this week.

finish grad school and earn that degree you always wanted. or barring that, take over the world through a combination of brute force and knitting (or potentially crocheting, i'm slightly undecided at the moment).

always have music in your life.

find god/allah/buddha/zeus one afternoon, appearing to you in some grandiose/peaceful/fire-and-damnation way, maybe even while you eat too much candy and chocolate. also, apologize for the skepticism of your past and try to be sure we're not reincarnated as a bar stool.

always karaoke while alone in a room without succumbing to the i'm too old excuse.

the banana chocolate chip cake will get you out of any situation; always have it at your disposal.

also, counter to that, never ever make duck quesadillas... seriously, don't.

remember that time you buried the plastic money time capsule at the old house? go visit the new family with a shovel.

also, try not to bury plastic money time capsules in the future.

jack bauer.

finish crocheting the grammy square quilt; i know you're not done with it yet, so just get to it.

remember these words: brilliant, literally, and seriously.

throw garlic into everything. no acceptions.

keep cooking with spinach and onions; eventually he won't notice.

play monkey island again, from start to finish.

also, stop playing video games and learn the following: swimming, biking, and roller-blading.

never get rid of your stuffed toys.

remember the willow.

and if nothing else, lather, rinse, repeat...